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Client DNS setup
After you install NxFilter, you need to set your client devices using NxFilter as their DNS server.

NxFilter should be the only DNS server for your network
After you install NxFilter, you will want to monitor and filter Internet activity in your network. To monitor and filter Internet activity, you need to make NxFilter to be the only DNS server for your network.

The simplest way of setting up NxFilter as the DNS server for your users would be modifying the network setup at OS level like the screenshot above. But you don't want to set up all the PCs in your network one by one. So, the best way would be using a DHCP server. Most routers support DHCP feature these days.

If your router doesn't support DHCP, you can use a freeware DHCP server.

If you have a firewall you can force your users to use NxFilter as their DNS server by blocking outgoing traffic on UDP/53, TCP/53 port.