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CxForward and SSL warning
Cxforward is a browser forwarding agent for showing NxFilter block page correctly on HTTPS protocol.

What it does
When you are blocked on HTTPS protocol you get an SSL warning instead of your block page. This is natural because your browser tries to protect you from 'Man In The Middle' attack. But it is annoying since we know that it is blocked by our filtering policy. To address this issue, we provide CxForward that is a Chrome/Edge extension. When you install CxForward in your browser, it will bypass the SSL warning when there's a block redirection and show you the block page you were supposed to see.

Installation of CxForward
CxForward is a Chrome/Edge extension. You can install it from Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Store.

    - CxForward on Chrome Web Store
    - CxForward for on from Microsoft Store

After installing it, you need to set Server IP on its option page.

You might think that it is dangerous to hide this kind of security warning. But CxForward doesn't hide every SSL warning. It only works when there's an actual block for an HTTPS website by NxFilter.

Central configuration file
When you install CxForward en masse, you don't want to set its Server IP one by one. To make things easier, we have a way for setting up CxForward centrally. We use Chrome/Edge start page function. You write a webpage containing a meta tag for your config value and then upload the page into your local webserver and then make the webpage to be the first start page of Chrome/Edge. Then once your users start their Chrome/Edge, they will set up their CxForward with the value of the meta tag.

In the webpage you add a meta tag like the following,

<meta name='cxforward' content=''>

With v4.6.0.9 or later of NxFilter, CxForward will try to find its server automatically.

Login Domain redirection
You can set Login Domain to access your login page on 'System > Setup'. However, you may get an SSL warning instead of the login page because your browser tries to force you to use HTTPS protocol always. And the same thing happens for Logout Domain and Admin Domain you set on 'System > Setup'.

You can solve the problem by installing CxForward on user browser. CxForward is able to recognize these domains and it can forward your users to the correct webpages on NxFilter webserver.

You need v4.6.1.2 of NxFilter or later for this feature.