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Domain categorization
Domain categorization is an essential part of a DNS filter for blocking websites by categories. NxFilter supports several domain categorization options. You can choose between these options on Category > System.

Categorization options
1. Jahaslist
Jahaslist is the default domain categorization option for NxFilter. It supports dynamic classification by NxClassifier. NxClassifier is the integrated auto-classification tool for NxFilter.

To find out more about NxClassifier and Jahaslist, read GUI overview > Classifier

We ship 30 day trial license and a free 25 user license for Jahaslist in NxFilter package. Once you install NxFilter, you can use Jahaslist without any restriction for 30 days. After the 30 days of trial, it becomes a free 25 user license.

2. Cloudlist
This is a third party cloud based domain categorization service. It has more than 40 million domains classified already and does dynamic classification. Since it is on cloud, you don't need to import or update anything. You can use Cloudlist in 30 day trial period for 50 users when you install NxFilter first time.

3. Globlist
Globlist is a free domain categorization option derived from Jahaslist. It has more than 1 million domains classified into 3 categories that are Ads, Phishing/Malware and Porn. It does auto-update in the background. Globlist works on global policy level only.

Some advanced features will not be supported when you use Globlist.