NxFilter Tutorial
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Install NxFilter on Windows
We provide a Windows installer. And you also can install it mannually using ZIP package.

We have a Youtube video tutorial for installing NxFilter on Windows, Install NxFilter on Windows

Using Windows installer
Download and run nxfilter- from our download page and you will see the following window.

After several steps on the installer, it will try to create a Windows service for NxFilter. If you see the following message, you have NxFilter successfully installed.

When you install NxFilter first time, it needs to create Jahaslist database and populate it. It may take up to a minute. Before it finish its job, you may not be able to access its admin GUI. You shouldn't stop it before it finish the job.

Using ZIP package
You can install NxFilter on Windows using ZIP package.

  1. Download nxfilter-
  2. Extract the zip file into c:/nxfilter
  3. Go to c:/nxfilter/bin and run instsvc.bat to install it as a service
  4. Run NxFilter service by 'net start NxFilter' command
When you uninstall its service, run unstsvc.bat.