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Updating NxFilter
Updating NxFilter using auto-update script or ZIP package.

Using auto-update script
If you installed your NxFilter using DEB package then you can update it using our auto-update script. You can run the auto-update script from our website with the following command.

	bash -c "$(curl -s https://nxfilter.org/scripts/update-nxfilter-ubuntu.sh)"

You may run it once a week as a cron task to update it regularly.

Using ZIP package
We provide DEB, RPM and Windows installer packages for installing and updating NxFilter. While using one of these packages is convenient, sometimes you have to do it with our ZIP package. When you update NxFilter using ZIP package,

  1. Download nxfilter-
  2. Stop NxFilter
  3. Extract the ZIP file into the directory NxFilter installed
  4. Start NxFilter