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Single sign-on by CxLogon
CxLogon is a service program running on a user system. It will try to create a login session on NxFilter with a currently logged-in username. You can use it without Active Directory.

CxLogon works with or without Active directory. It suports Azure Active Directory as well.

How it works
At default, it will try to create a login session with a currently logged-in username of the system it's running on. If there's no username matching on NxFilter, it will create a login request on 'User > Login Request' for you to approve. When you approve a login request, it will create a new user by the login request username. If you don't want to approve and create users this way, you can create users before they try to login or import users from somewhere. We also have 'Auto-register for New User' option on 'User > CxLogon' for your convenience. You can set a default group for new users through CxLogon requests on the menu.

You have to use NxFilter as the only DNS server in your network. Otherwise, CxLogon will not be able to find NxFilter.

When you use CxLogon with NxRelay and NxCloud, it doesn't create login requests. It will show its username in 'tokenname_username' form.

CxLogon for Windows
When you install it on a user PC, it will be running as a Windows service. If you want to install it on multiple PC at once, you can do it through GPO in Active Directory using the MSI package we provide.

CxLogon for Linux
You can download a DEB package for CxLogon from our download page. To install it,

		sudo apt install default-jre
sudo dpkg -i cxlogon-1.0.4.deb

If you already have JRE, you don't need to install it again.

You can start and stop it as a service,

		sudo systemctl start cxlogon
sudo systemctl stop cxlogon