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Writing your own remote filtering agent
If you wish to develop your own remote filtering agent, we can guide you through the protocol used for remote filtering queries.

Remote filtering query
It's simple to find out which domains are blocked by sending an HTTP query to your NxFilter or NxCloud server, using the example below:

Simply replace the token and domain values in the URL according to the user. If the response from your HTTP query is '/BLOCK' or '/DROP', then the domain is blocked. If the response is anything else, then the domain is allowed.

Response from the server
You can get one of the following responses from the server:

  • /BLOCK - When the queried domain has been blocked.
  • /DROP - When the queried domain has been dropped.
  • - Connection success. We use it for connection checking with a login token.
  • - When there's an error. We use it for login token verification.