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Business account and home account
There are two types of operators you can create.

Types of operators
When you build a cloud based filtering service, one of the problems is to find out the exact number of users behind a router. It may be possible since NxCloud supports several agents running behind a router for differentiating users. However, many of your customers don't need to differentiate users and they just want to have one global policy for everybody. It means you don't know how many users they have in most cases.

To solve this problem, we limit the request count for a user. Currently, one user can make 4,000 requests a day. This is more than enough considering one user makes under 1,500 requests a day if he's an ordinary office worker according to our statistics. However, you may have another issue from this request count limit approach. If you have a customer using your service in a home environment. There will be several familiy members and each of them can have multiple devices. But they wouldn't pay for multiple users. In that case, this 4,000 daily request limit is too small for the customer.

To address this issue, we introduced the concept of operator type. There are 2 kinds of operator types on NxCloud. One is 'Business' and the other is 'Home'. Business type operators are nothing special. They can create as many users as they want and each of the users has 4,000 request limit. But if they are home type operators, they can create up to 10 users only while they have 20,000 extra request count. This means their first user has 24,000 request count limit and you can increase the limit up to 60,000.

On NxCloud, you can adjust the amount of requests your operator can send by setting up Max User value for an operator.

When an operator gets 'Too many requests' error, you will be notified by an email and you can reset their request counting on operator edit page.