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GUI - Classifier
NxFilter has an integrated automatic classification engine for Jahaslist.

Classifier > Setup
- DNS Test Timeout : NxClassifier doesn't try to classify non-existent domains. So, it does DNS testing first.

- HTTP Connection Timeout : After DNS testing, it needs to download a webpage to analyze. This is the connection timeout value for HTTP connection.

- HTTP Read Timeout : This is the data read timeout value after it establishes an HTTP connection.

- Classified Data Retention Days : NxClassifier keeps the classification result log for the recently classified domains. NxClassifier doesn't do the classification against the domains already classified.

- Disable Domain Pattern Analyzer : NxFilter has a domain classification process based on domain patterns. At default, if a domain can be classified by this domain pattern analyzer, NxClassifier doesn't try to classify the domain by other methods.

- Disable Cloud Classifier : When NxClassifier fails to classify a domain with its local ruleset, it will try to query against Jahastech's cloud based classifier.

- Disable Dynamic Classification : You can disable NxClassifier if you want.

Classifier > Classified
This is the classification result log by NxClassifier. It will show you the recently classified domains and how they are classified or unclassified. Based on this classification result, you can improve your classification ruleset and you also can reclassify the already classfied domains here. To reclassify the domains already classified, use 'RECLASSIFY ALL' button.

With 'TEST' button, you do a test run for the current ruleset against a domain.

Classifier > Blocklist
You can download and merge the public blocklists from the internet into Jahaslist and Globlist overnight automatically on 'Classifier > Blocklist'.

Globlist is a part of Jahaslist.

- Format of the blocklist : Host file format or domains separated by new lines. Basically, all the blocklists from https://firebog.net will be working.

- Priority Points : There may be duplicated domains in your blocklists associated to different categories. You can make a specific blocklist to be downloaded and merged before others by setting higher priority points.

When you delete a blocklist URL, the domains merged from the blocklist will be lost. If you just want to exclude a blocklist from the overnight merging process, set its priority points to -1.

However, we don't merge every domain from your blocklists into Jahaslist. There are many false positives and non-existent domains in these public blocklists so we exclude some domains by the following rules.

1. If it's a non-existent domain.

2. If it's already in Jahaslist.

3. If it's in 300,000 well-known domain list.

We may add domains already classified by Jahaslist as we only do 'Exact Matching' rather than 'Parent Domain Matching' in the merging process. This is for faster processing and not having performance impact on your system.

Classifier > Jahaslist
You can view the contents of Jahaslist and modify it directly here. However, we don't recommend you to do the reclassification here unless it is a mass importation of domains. We keep Jahaslist in a separated DB file and NxFilter doesn't do auto-backup for it. So, it is better to do it on 'Category > System' as the reclassified domains will be stored into the main config DB.