NxFilter Tutorial
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Utility scripts for NxFilter
There are several utility scripts in /nxfilter/bin directory.

Common scripts for Linux and Windows
We have shell scripts for Linux and batch scripts for Windows.

- cachcon.sh
This is for response cache control. To find out more, read Can I clear DNS response cache on NxFilter without restarting it?

- cleanup.sh
This script deletes old traffic data. Normally, you don't need to run this script as NxFilter do the job over night. You should run it while NxFilter running.

- ping.sh
You can see if NxFilter running or not with this script.

- reset-acl.sh
This script resets GUI access list. It should be running while NxFilter running.

- reset-pw.sh
You can reset admin password with this script. It should be running while NxFilter running.

- shutdown.sh
This script stops NxFilter.

- startup.sh
This script starts NxFilter.

- version.sh
This script returns the version of NxFilter.

Scripts only for Windows
These scripts are only for Windows.

- admin.bat
It starts a browser for admin GUI.

- tutorial.bat
It starts a browser for NxFilter tutorial.

- instsvc.bat
This script is installing NxFilter as a Windows service.

- unstsvc.bat
This script is uninstalling NxFilter service.