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NxFilter is a high performance DNS filtering software developed by Jahastech.

What is NxFilter?
NxFilter is a high performance network-wide filtering software designed to be used in an enterprise environment. It is not a simple AD blocker. NxFilter provides a rich set of features and many of them are the ones you only can find in commercial filtering appliances. It is a full featured DNS filter being able to handle several thousand users easily.

Features of NxFilter
These are some of NxFilter features.

  • Blocking websites by categories
  • Local caching DNS server to speed up your Internet connection
  • User authentication in your network
  • Multiple filtering policies according to user and group
  • IP or IP range based user authentication
  • Active Directory integration or single sign-on by Active Directory
  • 802.1X Wi-Fi user authentication for mobile devices
  • Active Directory integration over cloud
  • Relaying server to identify users behind a router
  • You can create user and group on NxFilter GUI
  • Data cap for your users to save your bandwidth
  • Screen time for your users
  • Granular reporting with usernames
  • Network level safe-search enforcing
  • Remote filtering client
  • Sub-admin accounts for limited admin roles
  • Multi-tenancy cloud based filtering service
  • Clustering for fail-safe and load balancing
  • Dynamic website classification
  • Custom categories for website classification
  • Exporting traffic data using Syslog
  • White label based commercial use
  • Authoritative DNS server
  • URL keyword filtering
  • Filtering roaming iOS/Android devices by DNS over HTTPS

And you will find more.

Is it free?
NxFilter is a freeware. You can run it in any place for any purpose. You can run it in companies, schools, hospitals, libraries, churches, home environments, etc. You also can use it for your own business purpose. For example, you can build a cloud filtering service for paid users or you can provide a paid service for NxFilter installation and management. You even can build your own product replacing NxFilter GUI and build your own package and sell it.

Our business
We don't sell softwares. We only sell domain categorization database license. That's our business. However, we also provide free domain categorization database options. We provide free Jahaslist license for up to 30 users. We also provide Globlist which is free for unlimited number of users. These are all included in NxFilter package. You don't need to contact us to use these free options. You can use these free options for your business as well.