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DNS log exportation
You can export DNS log data to a Syslog server and a text file.

Where to set it up
In the earlier versions of NxFilter, we only support Syslog exportation. So, you can set it up on 'System > Setup > Syslog'. If you want to export it into a file, you can enable File Logging on the page.

Log format
You can export DNS log data in either JSON format or as a pipe-separated character string. If you export it in JSON format, it will look like this:

	Dec 6 15:33:11 MYSVR5 {
		"Time":"2019-12-06 15:33:11",
		"Reason":"Blocked by admin",

If you export it as a pipe-separated character string, it will look like this:

	NXFILTER|2013-01-28 10:53:23|Y|www.bbc.co.uk|john||Default|news|Blocked by admin|33|mygrp

This string can be parsed into the following values:

	Prefix : NXFILTER
	Time : 2013-01-28 10:53:23
	Blocked : Y
	Domain : www.bbc.co.uk
	User : johndoe
	ClientIP :
	Policy : Default
	Category : News/Magazine
	Reason : Blocked by admin
	Type : 28
	Group : mygrp

If you are using NxCloud, you will see an operator name instead of Group.

NxCloud also sends one more IP, which is the Local IP from NxRelay, at the end of the pipe-separated string.