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NxUpdate and Dynamic IP Update
NxUpdate is a dynamic IP updater for NxFilter and NxCloud. It will associate a dynamic IP address to a user on NxFilter or NxCloud.

Installing NxUpdate
We provide a Windows installer for NxUpdate. When you install it on a user system, you can associate it to a certain user using the login token of the user. When you use clustering, you can add multiple IP addresses separated by commas for Server IP.

It sends START, STOP and IPUPDATE signals to show you how it works. You can view these signals on 'Logging > Agent Signal'.

Writing your own NxUpdate
We use HTTP protocol for the communication between NxFilter and NxUpdate.

You can send an IP update signal using the following URL,

'GKSYEJYG' is a login token of a user and 'ipupdate.signal.nxfilter.org' is the special domain for 'IPUPDATE' signal. '' is the IP address of your NxFilter.

We use the signals below.

  • start.signal.nxfilter.org : START signal.
  • stop.signal.nxfilter.org : STOP signal.
  • ipupdate.signal.nxfilter.org : IPUPDATE signal.

You need to add a login token of a user to these signals for user identification.

When we send these signals we can get two kinds of responses from NxFilter.

  • : Error.
  • : Success.

You don't need to send START, STOP signal if you want to make it simple. Sending IPUPDATE would be enough.

We send IPUPDATE signal every minute as the client IP address can be changed. But we write its log on server side once in 5 minutes to reduce the size of traffic DB.

You can send an IP update signal using Nslookup command as well,

		nslookup GKSYEJYG.ipupdate.signal.nxfilter.org.