NxFilter Tutorial
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Other things to customize
You may want to change something more than GUI layer.

OEM properties
We support 'oem.properties' file for NxFilter to accomodate some business specific requirements. If you have 'oem.properties' file into /nxfilter/conf with the following value,

appname = MyFilter

1. NxFilter adds 'MYFILTER' prefix to its Syslog message.

2. When NxFilter sends an alert email, it adds 'MyFilter' as the prefix of the subject.

When you define 'appname' in 'oem.properties', NxFilter doesn't send update notification emails anymore. This is because you might have your own version system for your modified NxFilter.

Templates for email and block page
NxFilter sends alert emails to its administrator. Mostly it is about the access violations for the blocked sites but there are emails about clustering node failure or a license violation. We have two email templates for these alert emails.

- /nxfilter/conf/tpl/access_violation.ftl
- /nxfilter/conf/tpl/alert_email.ftl

There are more email templates for NxCloud including the templates for signup approval and password reset.

In /nxfilter/conf/tpl directory, you also can find the templates for block page, login page and welcome page. These templates are for when you install NxFilter for the first time to populate its DB or when you click 'RESTORE DEFAULT' button on 'System > Block Page' on NxFilter GUI.